Beyond our spring-concentrated programs String Quartet Smackdown, ATX Composers Showcase, and Young Composer Concert, each year we take on a new commissioning endeavor. Each one is designed to enrich our local arts community, as well as have extended life beyond Austin, increasing our city's reputation as a source for high caliber, genre-bending new music.

In even-numbered years, the projects take the form of a large scale collaboration. Nearly always interdisciplinary & international, our group collaborations embody our hybrid methods and openness to new ideas & influences. Through an emphasis on diversity & inclusion, this bi-annual focus hones in on innovation.

In odd-numbered years, the endeavor focuses in on the Artistic Vision and composition skills of Golden Hornet’s Co-Founder & Artistic Director Graham Reynolds. His unique experience not only informs our methods, but his vision is central to our mission. Through these endeavors we return to our roots and orient ourselves for new growth.

for more on our currently active endeavors: