third annual

Young Composer Concert

Call for proposals

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Our Young Composer Concert invites Austin-area youth ages 12-18 to create original pieces of music for a live concert under the guidance of seasoned mentors. A professional ensemble performs their pieces, and the event is produced by the collective team of students alongside our staff. Participant work has the opportunity to reach new audiences - not only those in attendance, but listeners of KMFA, KUTX, KOOP, and beyond. 

Young composers in the Austin area ages 12-18 are welcome to submit proposals for the chance to participate.

Highlights of participation include:

  • One-on-one sessions with a professional mentor
  • Developing connections to other young composers
  • Exposure to a wider audience
  • Experience producing a concert
  • Free access to the Dress Rehearsal for Bernstein 100 Austin's Mass at The Long Center on June 27, 2018

For the third annual concert, taking place on Sunday, March 25th, 2018, we are collaborating with the Austin Symphony Orchestra and 250 other artists to celebrate the great Leonard Bernstein. As such, we are encouraging participants to propose compositions which are inspired by or reflective of Bernstein's life, work, or practice. We have put together a resource reflective of Bernstein's creations and influences, which we encourage you to utilize fully as a source of inspiration for the piece you propose: access it here.

The instrumentation for the ensemble will be Pierrot plus percussion, though potential adjustments may be made to accommodate particular Bernstein-like elements based on the proposals. Further information and finalized details will be provided, as applicable, to selected participants following the deadline.

Please be aware that participants do not have to write music for the whole ensemble - they can write for just parts of it, or a solo instrument. The choice of whether to publicly broadcast of any live recording will be granted to each individual young composer. Participation in the Young Composers Concert does involve a monthly production meeting and communication/deadlines related to the submission October 2017 through March 2018 -- if you have concerns regarding schedule, please reach out to us!



For the chance to participate, young composers should keep the information above in mind and submit the following:

  • Brief Statement of Interest
    • Must be between 100 to 250 words and address your interest in participating in this concert, how you found out about the opportunity, and what you hope to get out of the experience.
    • Make sure to name your file YoungComposer3_YOURNAME_Interest.pdf and save + submit as a PDF
  • Brief Summary of Piece You're Interested to Write
    • Must be between 100 to 250 words and summarize the work you are hoping to write, for what instrumentation it is written, and, if applicable, how this piece is inspired by or connects to the work of Leonard Bernstein. 
    • Make sure to name your file YoungComposer3_YOURNAME_Prosposal.pdf
  • Your Resume
    • Make sure to name your file YoungComposer3_YOURNAME_Resume.pdf
  • 1 to 2 Past Works (IF any)
    • Audio files (.mp3, .wav, or .mid) or sheet music (.pdf) accepted.
    • Please note that while this strengthens your proposal, it is not required.

Please use the following email subject line: YOURFIRSTINITAL.YOURLASTNAME - Young Composer III
And send to this address:

If you participated in this concert previously and hope to participate again, please note that you are still required to submit items, though they differ somewhat from the list above. If lacking this information, please send an email of inquiry to the email address listed above stating that you were a prior participant and we'll get you up to date!

Deadline for all proposals: November 6th, 2017

Approximately 10 to 15 students will be selected to participate. ALL applicants will be contacted shortly following the deadline regarding the status of their participation, and, as applicable, information regarding further involvement. Please ensure you follow the direction provided carefully, as failure to adhere to these guidelines can disqualify you from participation in the selection process.

Any questions? Direct them to the email address above!